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Where can I go right now?

Where can I go right now?

This is a question that a handful of lucky travel advisors are hearing right now. Most are just hearing crickets, as confidence in travel is understandably low and will likely remain so until this Covid mess is over with.

So while many assume they can’t go anywhere or would rather wait, a few intrepid, antsy globetrotters want to know, “Where can I go right now?”

The answer to that question is still changing almost daily. I have held my breath watching Universal, and now Disney, open this summer. So far, so good. Part of Mexico is open to American travelers, plus a few Caribbean destinations have begun to open back up. They all have varying degrees of measures they are taking in light of Covid-19, as you would expect. You might have to take a Covid-19 nasal swab test upon landing in their city, then quarantine in your hotel until the results come back negative. Some places are asking that you bring a negative Covid-19 test result with you, dated sometime within the previous few days or week. Most are taking your temperature at the airport and maybe at the resort, too. One country goes so far currently as to have you report to one of their strategically placed kiosks around the island once every few days to have an additional Covid-19 test. Masks are required everywhere, of course, except that some countries don’t make you wear them on the beach. Cancun seems to be the most relaxed international destination available to us as of today (July 13, 2020), based on what I’m hearing from the few lucky souls who are out there.

So at this point, the question may become not where you can go, but whether you want to deal with the additional Covid-19 procedures. We lose some of those intrepid, antsy, would-be travelers on this point. The remaining folks who are getting out there to places like Cancun and Aruba, masks and all, are enjoying the absence of crowds, the undivided attention of resort staff.

I find the majority of folks would like to stay closer to home this summer, so what can you do domestically?

If you are ready to mask up and hop on a plane, Vegas is open, and so are the NATIONAL PARKS. This would be my favorite choice, personally. There’s never been a better time to see the Grand Canyon, Tetons, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and others. Did you know that the majority of visitors to many of these parks are international travelers who can’t get to the US right now? So if you thought National Parks would be full of people who couldn’t go to Europe this summer, you’d be wrong! Think of open spaces, great vantage points for photos where you don’t have to wait your turn, and being treated like the guest of honor at the hotels near the parks.

Still want to stay closer to home than that?! Road trips, being a tourist in your own town, and simply waiting it out until you are more comfortable leaving your house are all options I appreciate. Send me an email at to get assistance on your next vacation!

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