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Flying in 2020

While we have slowly worked our way back toward normal this year (out of sheer necessity), many people have already experienced a flight or two. But if you are one of those people who has not yet ventured out there, here are a few heads-up items from TSA for going through airport security right now during Covid-19.

  1. Social distancing. This one really goes without saying. 6 feet or more.

  2. Masks. You could have also guessed this one, I'm sure. Throughout your TSA line experience, you are expected to wear a mask, unless you're asked to move it briefly for ID verification or other reasons by an officer.

  3. Remove belts, wallets, keys, phones, and all else from pockets before you get in line and put them in your carry-on. This doesn't apply to TSA PreCheck members, but I have heard that some airports have not been operating PreCheck lines all the time, depending on the number of travelers coming through.

  4. Remove food items from carry-on and place them in the bin. This also doesn't apply to TSA PreCheck members.

  5. Please keep up that handwashing and using hand sanitizer - preferably before and after going through security.

  6. Arrive early. We are supposed to do that all the time anyway, but it's especially important right now, as Covid-19 has meant that airports may not be fully staffed which can slow down the process of checking in.

It's not so very different from the usual routine, but you should also check with the particular airline you are flying to see what guidelines they have. One good piece of news, since we all need to carry hand sanitizer with us, is that TSA is currently allowing liquid hand sanitizer containers up to 12 ounces in your carry-on. The same old 3.4 ounce rule applies to other liquids, but it's nice to know that we can carry one of our best Covid-19 defenses with us in larger quantities.

Ready to fly? Contact for help planning your trip.


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