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Celebrity Edge approved to sail June 26!


After 15 long months, the CDC has finally given a green light to one big cruise ship to sail from a US port! On June 26, Celebrity Edge will begin sailing from Fort Lauderdale on 7 night itineraries. They will not need to conduct test cruises like their sister company Royal Caribbean, because they are requiring all passengers age 12 and up to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

So, if you and your family and friends are ready to go, have proof of full vaccination, and contact me to assist, I will be happy to book you on this ship! It's been a long pandemic for sure, with other countries successfully sailing (even without requiring the vaccine) since last summer, so this is some very welcome sanity and prudence from the CDC. It's a real ray of sunshine for avid cruisers who have been longing for the sea like I have. I hope it will be the beginning of a full comeback within the next few months!

Contact me at for info and to book your cruise on Celebrity Edge!

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