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Testing helps the world get moving

One way we will get the world moving and traveling again is with increased Covid-19 testing that is more readily available. Some great headlines have been hitting the news lately about rapid Covid-19 tests. Some airports like Newark and JFK will start offering them to a limited number of international travelers each day. United has announced that they will start offering them to Hawaii travelers in the San Francisco airport to eliminate the need for the 2 week quarantine that Hawaii has had in place. Of course it all comes at a cost, and some destinations require a different kind of test that takes longer to get the results back.

I'm now happy to inform my clients that I can point them to a testing option that will get results back to them by email within 24 after the analysis in the lab is done. Depending on how quickly the test result is needed (if the client is traveling within a few days or traveling in one week), the tests cost $189.99 per person or $289.99 per person. This lab does testing for the U.S. Navy, some movie studios, and many corporations.

Up until now, if I client wanted to travel somewhere that required a negative test result within days before travel, my best advice was for them to call their doctor. But I now have a lab to which I can direct you if a rapid test is insufficient or unavailable to you. 2020 has been a year of finding options and alternatives, and I think our society has become better at finding them as a result!

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