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Port shopping - Cariloha review

Ever go on a cruise and sit through one of those port shopping talks? If so, you know there are certain stores you will see in quite a few of the Caribbean ports. Last year, I was so intrigued by one cruise director's enthusiastic promotion of Cariloha bamboo products, that I wandered into the Cariloha shop at the next port. To make a long story short, my husband received some Cariloha underwear and socks as gifts when I got home. I also got myself a pair of Cariloha socks.

Apparently bamboo has a certain temperature regulating quality and is also more absorbent than cotton. So after a day of wearing my socks outside to walk or to exercise, my socks are not damp and stuck to my feet like usual. My husband sings the same praises for his Cariloha items. On mine, the words "Bamboo Soft" are appropriately stitched, because they are super soft. In fact, they are my new favorites. I had outpatient surgery recently, and they were the socks I chose to wear to the surgery center.

I was in one of the stores at Cozumel on a cruise in October, and the young salesman convinced me to try one of the mattresses. I was about to burn up from walking a mile in a ninety-something humid climate. I tried the mattress anyway, which was also covered in their bedding - sheets, comforter, etc, and had their bamboo pillows, as well. As he talked to me about how the mattress was made and shipped, I lay there observing how comfortable it was. Now when you're hot and lying in bed, the sheets get hot, and you have to move to a cool spot, right? Not the case with these. I suddenly realized I had been lying there in the same spot talking to the young man for a good 15 minutes. I had cooled off, and the bed still felt cool under me. It was like it was an air conditioned bed. Did I buy the mattress? No, but only because my husband wasn't with me, and he gets a vote on what he has to sleep on. We will be buying one and having it shipped when we are in our next cruise port, though. You can always go to their website and order things for full price, but the shops in the Caribbean seem to have more flexibility to make a deal with you. Now that I know I can get a good deal by ordering a mattress from one of the Caribbean port stores, I won't order at full price.

They also sell pajamas, shirts, towels, and more. If you have been wondering about their products, don't hesitate to give them a try the next time you're shopping in one of the ports where they have a shop.

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