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The importance of getting out, especially in 2020

This has been a hard year for everyone, for one reason or another. I'm a hard-core introvert, and I have even had my fill of all this isolation stuff. Wanting to go out and see my friends socially but then being relieved when I don't actually have to do it only lasted for a few months. At some point, I actually do want to see people and not back out of plans. Enough is enough. That's my big self-discovery for 2020.

Everyone needs a change of scenery, though. Even in regular times, it's important to go somewhere every now and then and hit the refresh button on your life. But after we have all been locked in, it's paramount to our mental health. If you're like me, and the pandemic wiped out your income (for six months and running now), then even a day trip to see something different will change your outlook. I can go out to Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner and experience the peace of a monastery on the river for a couple of hours. I can also sun myself on a beach nearby. Maybe for you, it's a local zoo or a park where you can recharge your batteries. It works, if it's all you can do right now. Just go somewhere beautiful and walk around.

While we still can't exactly jet off to Europe or shoot down to Miami and get on a cruise ship right now, there are some nice places where you can get away for a weekend, and a weekend away is even better for clearing your head. I've been booking weekend stays for clients at Georgia and Florida hotels recently. I have read in a number of articles that negative ions in the salt ocean air have a mood-boosting effect, and we could all use that. If you've ever heard of grounding, you know that putting your feet in the sand can be incredibly beneficial for your health, too. And no, I don't tan well, if that's what you're thinking.

Another option is a train trip across the USA, where you can have your own sleeper car for comfort and germ-freedom. The Grand Canyon has been popular this summer, too. It offers lots of wonderful open spaces for social distancing, if you're afraid the beaches are still too crowded.

If you're looking for a weekend getaway, contact your favorite travel agent, even if it's not me. We could all use a little business right now. While I would normally say I don't book rental houses or just hotels (without a package deal), I am suddenly in the practice of doing just that. I want to help you escape a little of 2020 just as much as I would like to escape it myself. 2020 might still be waiting for you when you get back home, but at least you can forget about your stress for a bit and stare at the ocean.

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